With the program for loyal clients, Holiday Club Riviera wants to express a gratitude to its regular customers and to give them an opportunity to benefit from special privileges:

  • 10% discount from the prices for accommodation for all periods and all hotels of Holiday Club Riviera;
  • VIP setting up of the room upon arrival;
  • Early accommodation after 9 a.m. and later check-out up to 5 p.m. (where possible);
  • They first receive all special offers and promotions.

In order to join our program for loyal customers you need to have realized a stay of minimum 7 nights,reserved directly through our website www.rivierabulgaria.com.

For more information please contact us at 0 800 14 334 (free national number), +359 52 386 708 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conditions and details of the program:

Privileges for cardholders:

  1. 10% discount from the prices for accommodation for all periods and all hotels;

    The discount shall be combined with discount for early booking, but not with the discount for long stay. For all other parameters on the reservation (or conditions for changes and cancellations, terms and conditions for payment, etc.) shall apply the General conditions for reservations of Holiday Club Riviera.

  2. VIP setting up of the room;
  3. Early accommodation after 9 a.m. and later check-out of the room up to 5 p.m. - where possible.

    It is not guaranteed in advance upon the reservation but it is confirmed on the site, in case of availability of free rooms at the time of the accommodation and/or departure.

  4. They first receive all special offers and promotions - applies to the guests who have provided an email address.

* Holiday Club Riviera reserves its right to change the privileges for cardholders.

To join the program the nights spent shall be counted only if the stay of 7 nights has been reserved directly - via the website of Holiday Club Riviera, i.e. stays in which a client has been a guest through a tour operator, a guest at an event and etc. shall not be counted.

Validity: Complying with the condition for seven nights ensures the membership in the program from the time of implementation of the criteria until the end of the following calendar year.

The membership in the program and the cards for loyal clients are registered personally and are valid for the holder and shall not be transferable.

How to find us

Riviera Holiday Club
9007 Varna, Bulgaria

GPS coordinates:
  • Boutique Hotel Oasis: 43.273382, 28.040302
  • Riviera Beach 5*: 43.272272, 28.038877
  • Imperial 5*: 43.276681, 28.042219
  • Lotos 4*: 43.275741, 28.041548
  • Nympha 3*: 43.278026, 28.042982