Covid-19 Information

We, at Riviera Holiday Club would like to win the trust of our guests and partners by offering them a guaranteed quality product combined with a good experience and happy memories. In the conditions of COVID - 19, we have taken a number of measures to ensure the health and security of our guests, employees and partners.

Riviera Holiday Club fully complies with the recommendations of the National Operational Headquarters, the WHO, the Ministry of Health, Guidelines for the operation of accommodation and catering establishments in conditions of danger of infection with COVID-19 in Bulgaria, approved by the Ministry of Tourism, in order to ensure your safety during your vacation.

Please excuse us if any requirements under our new policies cause service delays or changes that you may have been perceived as inconvenient before COVID-19 affected us.

According to Order № RD-01-856 / 19.10.2021, amended. with Order № RD-01-861 from 21.10.2021, all guests will be asked for a COVID-19 certificate, which can be presented by one of the following documents :

  • certifying a full course of vaccination;
  • certifying the first dose of the two-dose vaccine /within 30 days/;
  • certifying illness /within 12 months/;
  • certifying the presence of antibodies above 150 BAU/ml;
  • negative PCR test done up to 72 hours;
  • negative antigen test performed up to 48.


1. Action plan

An Action plan for the operation of the site has been prepared in accordance with the recommendations and instructions of the national public health authorities to limit the coronavirus infection.

It includes specific procedures for action and management of cases with infected people and their possible contacts, as well as for prevention and compliance with anti-epidemic measures.

2. Crisis team

A crisis team of employees (managers and heads of units) has been appointed to take action in the case ofa crisis situation. This team monitors compliance with the approved measures.

3. Inspection of hygiene in the sites

A constant audit of hygiene is performed in order to establish compliance with the imposed requirements. For this purpose, a "Book of what hygienic and disinfection measures have been conducted and the measures and corrective actions taken" is available. It records detailed information about the events held by sites and critical points (date, time, disinfectant used, name of employee, site, critical point).

4. Information policy for guests and personnel

  • Information posters with key messages to guests and employees, brochures and other information materials on basic hygiene practices and COVID-19 in different languages are available in the site.
  • There are instructions for proper hand disinfection where disinfectant dispensers are situated at various critical points around the site.
  • Instructions can be found in the sanitary and hygienic premises for guests and employees for proper hand washing, removal and placement of disposable gloves, removal and placement of a mask, and there are instructions for proper hand disinfection where the places with disinfectant dispensers
  • An up-to-date list of employees contacts, important emergency telephone numbers is available at the reception desk of the site.
  • The crisis team shall perform initial briefing and regular information meetings with employees to comply with sanitary and hygienic measures.
  • An employee has been appointed who has been trained and shall control the hygiene at the site, shall check the "Book of what hygienic and disinfection measures have been conducted and the measures and corrective actions taken" and the observance of the rules for physical distance.

5. Health status employee, personal protective equipment and safety

  • Personal protective equipment is provided for all employees in the various units of the company: face mask or face shield, gloves, etc.
  • The health status of the employees is monitored
  • Employees with manifestations of acute respiratory symptoms are not allowed at the work place(temperature above 37.5 º C, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of smell, disturbance and loss of taste, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle pain, etc.) .
  • If it turns out that the employee is a carrier of the virus, the RHI shall be notified and their instructions shall be followed.
  • Conditions have been created for: physical distance during work and rest; ventilation, natural ventilation and frequent ventilation of the premises; frequent disinfection of critical points in the premises; limiting meetings indoors.

6. Training of employees

Training is organized with respect to the special requirements for behavior during and outside the work of all personnel, including the following mandatory topics:

- viral infection caused by COVID-19 and mandatory protection measures - personal safety and safety of guests;

- working procedures - new and changes in the existing ones;

- rules for disinfection;

- standards of communication - in a normal working process, in cases of proved infection or suspicion of infection;

- rules for action and communication in case of infection on the territory of the complex.



The temperature of each client is measured when entering the complex.

Clients with a temperature above 37.5 ° С shall not be allowed to stay in the hotels of Riviera Holiday Club.


  • In Riviera Holiday Club there are disinfectant dispensers, available for guests and employees at all critical points in the common areas: at the entrances of each hotel, lobby, reception desk, elevator, restaurants and bars, children's club, SPA center, gym, sports areas, swimming pools, hallways to toilets and all key locations.
  • More frequent cleaning and disinfection of critical points in the common areas is carried out: elevator buttons, handrails, corridors, toilets, door handles, sanitary premises, etc.
  • Upon arrival, guests are given special instruction as to the need to observe social distance.
  • Information posters in different languages and stickers with key messages to the guests about the basic hygiene practices and safety measures against Covid-19 are placed in a prominent place in each site.
  • Directional arrows are placed thus controlling traffic flow in the hotels and sites the complex.
  • Signposts are placed in the elevators, indicating the number of guests allowed in the elevator at the same time. The number of persons using the elevator is minimized and to the members of one family. Button panels are cleaned with a disinfectant solution every hour. There are hand disinfectant dispensers on the elevator platform on the ground floor.


  • Information materials in different languages and stickers with key messages to the guests about the basic hygiene practices and safety measures against Covid-19 are placed in a prominent place next to the reception desk.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are placed at the entrances
  • Guests are recommended to wear personal protective masks when visiting the
  • The reception desk equipment, which includes: face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and waste bin with a
  • Protective PVC screens are installed at the hotel receptions.
  • Personal check-in is provided to ensure a safe distance. For all those waiting, separator stickers on the floor, at a distance of 1.5 meters, are placed.
  • Each key card is disinfected and placed in a separate envelope before being handed to the guest.
  • The guest's ID card is disinfected before being returned.
  • The POS payment terminal is disinfected after the guest has been using
  • Work surfaces are disinfected periodically.
    A list of the telephone numbers of the staff of the Crisis team the regional health authorities, the medical institution with which a contract is being concluded, the emergency centers, nearby pharmacies, etc.can be found at the reception desk in an easy accessible place.
  • The Crisis team and the health authorities shall be notified in case of clear symptoms of coronavirus of a guest, such as a visible deterioration of the general condition of the guest, accompanied by difficulty breathing, cough and proven high temperature above the normal referral values.


  • The maids shall work with a set of aids - a checklist for disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in the rooms and an illustrative diagram. There is a checklist with a schedule of disinfection for each room. Each maid shall sign and records the day and time of the disinfection on all surfaces carried out. The checklist of the room shall be stored in the "Book of what hygienic and disinfection measures have been conducted and the measures and corrective actions taken".
  • Regular disinfection and cleaning of critical points in the rooms shall be carried out: door handles, remote control for TV, telephone, mini bar, handles of drawers and wardrobes, switches and sockets, sanitary installations in the bathroom.
  • If possible, all rooms and common areas shall be systematically ventilated. It is also recommended that guest rooms, which are not serviced by maids, are ventilated
  • After check-in, the room shall not be cleaned daily.
  • The room shall be cleaned after departure their stay, but it must be done in his/her/she must put the sign "Please clean".
  • If the guest requests a change of towels during their stay, they must leave a sign "Please change the towels" on the door of their room.
  • Cbed linen and towels shall be carried out in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements of the health authorities.
  • Used bed linen and towels shall be collected in a bag for used Laundry washing is performed at a temperature of at least 60 ° C with the addition of detergent and disinfectant.
  • The following items have been removed from the rooms: any reusable materials, incl. information and advertising brochures, menus; decorative blankets, pillows and all decorative accessories; others.


  • All employees shall be equipped with protective equipment (masks / face shields, gloves).
  • When entering restaurants, guests must disinfect their hands using the disinfectant dispenser specially placed at the entrance of each restaurant.
  • A special arrangement of the tables in the restaurants’ halls has been made. They are placed at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other in order to ensure social distance.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed to sit at one table, unless they are members of one family.
  • The staff makes sure there are no crowds and guests are accommodated at the required distance from each other
  • If necessary, a meal schedule shall be introduced to keep the required distance. Each guest shall be informed of their allotted meal time range. Please note that if you do not follow your meal time, you may have to wait for the first free hour.
  • One-way traffic is organized in the dining rooms, around the tables and buffets.
  • Buffet served by a restaurant employee:
    Buffets and bars in restaurants are separated by protective PVC screens and are serviced by a company employee who is equipped with a mask / face shield and gloves. There is no direct contact between the guests and buffet food. The guest indicates their choice and an employee of the restaurant serves it to them.
  • Buffet, self-service:
    Guests serve themselves. They must observe the direction of movement and the required social distance. They must wear a mask and gloves while serving themselves.
  • Guests in queues in dining areas must follow the rules of social distancing.
  • All service utensils (food tongs, serving spoons, etc.) will be replaced every 30 minutes with new disinfected ones.
  • Spices and utensils shall be served upon request.
  • There are no menus on the tables. Laminated menus shall be given to guests upon request and shall be disinfected after each use.
  • After each meal the dining spaces hall be disinfected - floor, table tops, chair handles. The surfaces of the buffet and other auxiliary modules for offering food and drinks, as well as the worktop of the bar in the restaurant shall also beshall be done on all vending machines with special emphasizies paid to the buttons.
  • In kitchens, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is strictly applied and personal hygiene procedures are enhanced, including the use of gloves, masks and hand washing, every 30 minutes.


  • The halls are arranged in compliance with the requirement for distance between the guests and the maximum allowed capacity.
  • Conference materials from the hotel are not provided.
  • Coffee breaks are individually and from a distance at the maximum number of locations in order to ensure distance between participants and in good weather - outdoors.
  • Serving of coffee/tea/other drinks shall be carried out by an employee of the company, using the required protective equipment, in disposable cups - the guests shall not have access to dispensers/ coffee/tea/juice machines, etc.
  • Only bottled water is served, both inside and outside the hall.
  • Equipment used during organized events shall be disinfected during breaks.
  • When using equipment that can be used by multiple participants, e.g. microphone, a larger number provided and if possible, disinfected during the event.
  • After the end of an event, all surfaces, incl. movable countertops, auxiliary equipment, waste bins, etc. shall be treated with a disinfectant solution.
  • The premises shall be ventilated for a long time during and after disinfection, before other guests arrive.
  • When disinfecting the conference halls, the maids must use a checklist and certify the work done with date, time, name and signature.


  • Disinfection dispensers for guests are provided at the entrances and at critical points.
  • Special procedures for disinfection of gyms, swimming pools, treatment rooms, equipment are performed several times a day.
  • The reception personnel and the entire team of the SPA center shall be equipped with masks / face shields and gloves.
  • Advance reservations are required to use all services in the SPA center.
  • The staff of the SPA reception shall make sure that no guests gather in the changing room and on the territory of the SPA center.
  • When performing SPA procedures, masks, face shields, gloves and disposable protectors for massage beds are used. A disinfectant dispenser shall be placed in each cabinet and the cabinet shall be disinfected after each client.
  • If Hairdressing salon, manicure and pedicure working areas are open,the workplace and tools shall be disinfected after each client.
  • Used towels are placed in appropriate places for dirty linen.
  • At the pool / beach the distance between two sunbeds cannot be less than 1.5 meters for the purpose providing social distance between the guests.
  • One sunshade is allowed to be used by no more than two persons or by the members of one family.
  • Disinfection of sunbeds, bathrooms and changing rooms shall be carried out periodically.


  • Staff shall be equipped with masks/face shields and gloves.
  • Activities are carried out in which social distancing, capacity limitation, maintenance of disinfected materials can be provided.
  • Spaces are adapted in a way that guests can enjoy activities while keeping social distance at the same time. Some activities shall be repeated several times a day, so that all clientshave equal access to
  • Children are not allowed in the playground for more than 2 hours of continuous stay to allow the surfaces to be treated with a disinfectant solution.


  • Employees making transfers have personal protective equipment(mask/face shield and gloves).
  • Vehicles shall be constantly disinfected.
  • Guests who use a transfer service must wear masks while traveling in the bus / car.
  • Guests are provided with means of personal disinfection in the bus / car.


  • In case of clear symptoms of illness such as persistent cough, malaise, temperature above 37.5 º C, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of smell, disturbance and loss of taste, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle pain and others, the guest shall be isolated and the Crisis team and the RHI shall be notified.
  • The guest shall be provided with a mask and separated from the other tourists in a room that has been designated for that purpose.
  • After isolating the guest, the places where the guest has been shall be disinfected.
  • The RHI’s instructions shall be observed for each individual case.

Protecting the health of each of us is a shared responsibility. Therefore, we emphasize once again how important it is to follow the instructions you receive from our staff before and during your stay.

In the name of general safety, we appeal to all of you regarding the following main recommendations:

  • Observe the rules for disinfection and personal hygiene
  • Use personal protective equipment, mainly masks in all indoor spaces.
  • Have a distance of a minimum of 1.5 meters.
  • Get acquainted with the COVID-19 safety rules on our web site and follow the direction signs on the territory of the complex!
  • After using disposable packaging and consumables, they must be disposed of in the waste bins immediately after their use;
  • In case of headache, dry cough, fever and fatigue, you must contact the hotel reception by calling without leaving your room.

Riviera Holiday Club monitors the current requirements of the Ministry of Health, the RHI, the Ministry of Tourism and will update its protection policy in a timely manner.

Dear guests, we hope that you will appreciate the measures taken by us, which we would like you to get acquainted with before your arrival at the hotel.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and we hope that you will observe these instructions strictly.



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