Lotos Hotel

Arcada BBQ

Specialized restaurant Arcada welcomes you with an atmosphere, inspired by Bulgarian traditions. In close proximity to the sea with a lovely summer garden and a children's playground.

Here the assortment is a pizzas baked on fire, roasted meats on barbecue on wooden charcoals from traditional Bulgarian and Balkan cuisine, a variety of salads, burgers and desserts. The dishes prepared by our master chef will leave an unforgettable memory with a taste of home kitchen.

How to find us

Riviera Holiday Club
9007 Varna, Bulgaria

GPS coordinates:
  • Boutique Hotel Oasis: 43.273382, 28.040302
  • Riviera Beach 5*: 43.272272, 28.038877
  • Imperial 5*: 43.276681, 28.042219
  • Lotos 4*: 43.275741, 28.041548
  • Nympha 3*: 43.278026, 28.042982