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One of the most preferred places for Balneotherapy in "Golden Sands" resort complex is the licensed medical center "Balneological Medical / SPA center Riviera Beach". Here an abundance of specific physical factors are uniquely combined - remedial thermomineral water, firth mud and mild climate, with appropriately developed specialized facilities and resources. The water and climate are main natural resources in the health tourism and possess two main recreational functions: recreational-sport and remedial-prophylactic. The center offers perfect conditions for a combination of sea vacation with care for your health.
The own hydrothermal deposit is located in the ecologically clean region of Riviera Holiday Complex. The curative properties of the slightly mineralized (459 mg/l), thermal (t 37°C) water (pH 7.7) are due to the rich in sulphates, chlorides, magnesium, calcium and microelements (zinc, copper) water and are suitable for outdoor balneotherapy - baths, inhalations, compresses. This type of water is very rare for Central and Northwest Europe, as well as for the regions of the Middle East. The hydromassage facilities of the balneologocal sector are directly connected with the thermal source, and operate entirely with mineral water.

The curative firth mud is obtained from the connected with the Black sea Varna lake firth formation. It is rich in microelements, hormone-like substances, organic, inorganic substances and vitamins. The mud therapy is a method in which the curative mud is applied in a certain way for therapeutic purposes. The mud treatment procedures - mud therapy, are in the form of mud applications, partial and whole. Indications for treatment are diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Under the action of the mud procedures occur significant changes in the metabolism.

"Balneological Medical / SPA center Riviera Beach" has individual rooms for massage, balneological and mud treatment procedures, fango-paraffin, underwater massage, aesthetic and healing body treatments, electrotherapeutic booths, cosmetics studio and remedial gymnastics hall.
The equipment is modern, cutting edge according to the latest achievements of science and technology and ensures health safety: different types of electrotherapeutic apparatuses for low-, medium- and high frequency currents, vacuum therapy, ultrasound therapeutic apparatus, magnetic field treatment device, GUNA Phoresis with collagen, light- and ultraviolet treatment apparatuses, different types of inhalers, oxygen concentrator - facility for inhalation of air enriched with oxygen according to the method of prof. Ardenne, apparatusses for pressotherapy and passive electric muscle gymnastics.
The main purpose of Balneological Medical / SPA center Riviera Beach is to improve total spiritual and physical condition of our clients and to ensure a unique experience.
For all therapies, carried out in the Balneological Medical / SPA center Riviera Beach are used valuable natural products with strong medicinal properties which the center has: sea water and sea products, mineral water from own thermal source, curative firth mud from Varna Lake, medical lye from Pomorie lake, Bulgarian herbs and products made of them. To the natural factors we add exclusive products from renowned world-famous brands.

We offer a great variety of curative and rehabilitation procedures,packages and programs:

Different types of massages - Classical, Therapeutic, Anti-cellulite, Aroma Massages, Volcanic Hot Stones Massages, Reflex Massages and etc.
Water treatment - Hydromassage (whirlpool) bath, Aroma Hydromassage Bath, Thalasso Hydromassage Bath, "Cleopatra" Hydromassage Bath with milk, Pearl Bath with herbs, algae, fragrances, Underwater massage (Tangentor) and etc.
Body treatments - Whole Body Peeling, Whole Body Mask, SPA therapy for hands and feet, Cold compresses with lye and chestnut and etc.
Mud therapy - Application with curative mud on the whole body/ partial, Application with fango-paraffin
Electric therapy - Oxygen therapy, Inhalation of seawater, Magnetic Field Therapy, Interference Current Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, GUNA-magnetophoresis, Anticellulite Therapy with the "Celutron" apparatus for electric muscle stimulation, Pressotherapy with the "Pressor" apparatus
Remedial Gymnastics - Remedial Gymnastics - individual/group, Water Remedial Gymnastics
Facial treatments - Aroma Massage of face and neckline, Deep cleaning of face with extraction, Deep cleaning of face without extraction, Eye contour, Collagen lifting therapy, Intensive Hydratation, Relaxing, Regenerative Therapy for Sensitive Skin, Detoxification therapy with Vitamin "C", Smoothing, Anti-wrinkle therapy, Remedial cosmetics with lye, Cosmetic GunaPhoresis with Collagen ampoule
Manicure/Pedicure,Sauna,Steam bath

The procedures are assigned after an examination by a physician in accordance with the individual needs.
Basic indications for therapy in Balneological Medical/SPA center Riviera Beach: musculoskeletal system diseases of inflammatory and degenerative nature, status after injuries, syndromes, accompanied with pain, violations of the motor function, diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, diseases of the respiratory system, gynecological, skin, endocrine, metabolic diseases.

Our experienced, highly qualified professionally and linguisticaly prepared team,will help you to choose what you really need: enjoyment, beautiful face, harmony between body and spirit or treatment of certain diseases.

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Riviera Holiday Club
9007 Varna, Bulgaria

GPS coordinates:
  • Boutique Hotel Oasis: 43.273382, 28.040302
  • Riviera Beach 5*: 43.272272, 28.038877
  • Imperial 5*: 43.276681, 28.042219
  • Lotos 4*: 43.275741, 28.041548
  • Nympha 3*: 43.278026, 28.042982