Hotel internal regulations



Our aim is to deliver the highest possible level of comfort, security and peace to all of our guests. Our regulations are based on years of experience, established standards, as well as the current Bulgarian legislation.The purpose of the rules is to assist and guarantee the maximum safety and satisfaction of all the guests at Riviera Holiday Club.


Check in – after 15:00 h.

Check out – until 11:00 h.

Your request for an “early check in” or a “late check out” will be granted if possible, only after confirming with the hotel reception and paying the extra charge.

Upon check in, each and every guest is obligated to provide an Identity Card/Passport.

Internal credit:

If You want to be able to use the "Internal Credit" service, You need to provide your credit card details and fill out the "Consent Form". For more information, please contact the hotel reception.


Hotel cards:

Please contact the reception immediately if you lose your hotel key card. To issue a duplicate, you need to provide an ID card.

Key cards will not be issued to persons under the age of 18.

The guest is obliged to return the hotel key cards, the towel cards, the umbrella card, and the parking card at the reception when he is checking out. In the event of non-return of any of the above cards, the guest owes a fine of BGN 30 per card.

Room cleaning:

The rooms are cleaned daily from 09:00 to 16:00. If you want your towels to be replaced, we ask that You leave them on the floor in the bathroom. If You have a "Do not disturb" sign during the day and have changed it to "Please clean" after 16:00h - your room will not be cleaned.


Please, do not to take the white towels out of your room.

Information about the pool bathrobe will be provided at the reception.


Access to the room by employees of Riviera Holiday Club:

In order to provide our guests with an exceptional sense of cleanliness and tranquility, we reserve the right to access the rooms in order to clean, maintain, check the condition of the furniture and the appliances in them, or to prevent a violation of the hotel's internal order. Management reserves the right to access rooms with a "Do not Disturb" sign board in case of

an emergency, suspicious behavior, damaged inventory or violation of the hotel's internal regulations.

Evacuation instructions:

Please refer to the emergency instructions as well as the evacuation plan located on the inside of your room door.


There is a safe deposit box at your disposal in the room. The hotel management recommends that You store your valuables in it. The hotel is not responsible for any money or valuables that are not left in the safe deposit box.

Mini bar:

Any consumption from the mini bar is extra charge. Upon check-out, the guest must wait for the mini bar to be checked.

Restaurants and Bars:

When taking in or out food and beverages in restaurants and other establishments, a fee is charged, depending on the type of item.

We ask you to comply with established rules of conduct and clothing.


Smoking in the rooms and in all indoor areas of the complex is forbidden. If a violation is found, a fee of 100 leva will be added to the room's account.


Riviera Holiday Club has 24-hour security, and the security guards have rights under the Private Security Act. If necessary, call your hotel reception.

We ask you to check if your door is locked, when leaving the room.

Bikes / Hoverboards / Roller / Skateboards:

The use of Bicycles, Hoverboards, Rollerblades in the rooms and in the common areas of the hotel is forbidden. The hotel is not responsible for accidents caused by the use of any of them.


Each guest can only use the pool in front of the hotel in which he is accommodated.

Guests are obliged to observe the rules for using the swimming pool, which are marked on the respective sites.

Quiet hours:

In order to provide maximum comfort and peace to all of our guests, we ask You to observe the following leisure hours:

• From 23:00 to 09:00

• From 14:00 until 16:00

If a violation is found, please contact the hotel reception.

Maximum allowable accommodation:

The maximum accommodation capacities in each of the premises of Riviera Holiday Club are based on fire safety measures, the convenience of our guests and are not subject to change.

Hotel Property Damage or theft:

Each guest is responsible for the damages (intentional and unintentional) on the territory of the complex, caused by him personally. The hotel reserves the right to charge the guest's account with a fee for the damage caused, according to the price list provided at the Reception, which the guest should pay.

Forgotten or lost items:

Forgotten items by a guest of the hotel are kept for up to 3 months.

In the case of lost or found items, please contact the reception of the hotel.

Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended.


Please note that parking spaces are subject to availability and can not be booked. The hotel is not liable for damages to your car in the parking area.

Green Areas:

We ask You not to enter the green grass areas at the resort, in order to preserve as much as possible the aesthetic appearance that all of our guests are enjoying.


Pets are not allowed at Riviera Holiday Club.


Reviews and recommendations can be left in the Reception Desk Book or by filling out an inquiry card.

Commercial, photographic or video material shot on the territory of Riviera Holiday Club is forbidden for commercial purposes.

The staff of the complex is trained to react in situations that conflict with the internal order. In case of a refusal of assistance from a guest and in threatening actions against the health of guests or staff of the complex, the property or the normal conduct of the work process, then he/she will be expelled of the hotel. The deposit transferred on the booking will be deducted as a penalty.

The hotel administration may discontinue the provision of services to those guests who violate the rules and do not respect the hotel policy.

We are strongly against: rude and aggressive behavior, obscene means of expression, shouting, insults, and any kind of physical or verbal abuse on the personality of other guests and staff of the complex.

The management at Riviera Holiday Club reserves the right to add or change the terms and conditions of these Rules.

How to find us

Riviera Holiday Club
9007 Varna, Bulgaria

GPS coordinates:
  • Boutique Hotel Oasis: 43.273382, 28.040302
  • Riviera Beach 5*: 43.272272, 28.038877
  • Imperial 5*: 43.276681, 28.042219
  • Lotos 4*: 43.275741, 28.041548
  • Nympha 3*: 43.278026, 28.042982